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Cumberland Guard 2016 Blue Ribbon Events

Historic Charlton Park
Jul 15 - Jul 17
Hastings, Michigan

Cascades Park
Aug 19 - Aug 21
Jackson, Michigan

155th Anniversary Battle of Perryville
Oct 7 - Oct 9
Perryville, Kentucky


Battalion Orders for Hastings/Charlton Park are on the 'Special Orders' page

Battalion Orders for Jackson are on the 'Special Orders' page


Cumberland Guard 2016 Meeting Minutes

I wanted to take a few minutes and recap the annual Cumberland Guard Meeting, which was held on January 9 in Fort Wayne, IN. Again special thanks to Steve Smith for securing the meeting site.

 The meeting was very well attended, and we covered the following items:

 1. A message from Colonel Shackelford was read to those in attendance.

2. After general introductions, specific recognition was given to the following individuals

 Introduction of Greg Swank as Chief of Staff. Greg expressed a desire to help facilitate activities, facilitate cooperation, and to help everyone to get what they want/need from the hobby

 Bob A Minton, First Federal Division was a guest at the meeting. Bob expressed a desire to mend fences and end the squabbles that have plagued the hobby over the years. The annual FFD meeting will be held Jan. 30 in St. Louis, MO which Rob Van will be attending as a guest. Bob also mentioned the dissolution of the BGA

 John Vohlken reviewed the status of the CG website. We also discussed the CG Facebook page and the success of both items.

 Denny Whiting with the Great Lakes Battalion was also in attendance. Denny mentioned that the Great Lakes Battalion plans on having a drill in April open to anyone who wishes to attend. They also commented that the cooperation amongst the GLB and the Guard was great at Jackson, and their members will march with us at Perryville, KY later this year.

 3. Rob discussed attending not only the FFD meeting in January, but that he was also attending the January Annual AOW Meeting, and the January Annual Independent Guard (Confederate) meeting in Indianapolis.

 4. Rob also discussed the end of the Indiana events Billie Creek and Conner Prairie, and expressed hope that they might return at some point.

 5. Updates from all units present

 6. Discussion / sharing of recruiting and retention strategies

 7. General discussion of the state of the hobby, including the recent political story and subsequent protests in regards to Confederate flags. Several recommended units having one spokesperson to handle this issue with the public and especially with media. We also discussed scenarios in regards to any protest attempts to interrupt a battle, and the appropriate response and planning by Command to address such an event.

 8. We reviewed the 2015 Blue Ribbon Events, Hastings, MI and Jackson, MI. We also discussed Indiana troops making the trip to Hastings and Jackson, and the Michigan and Ohio troops (including Marty Walker, Ryan VanMaldegen, and Bob A Minton, just to name a few) at Hartford City.

 9. We discussed the 2016 Blue Ribbon Events, Hastings, MI, Jackson, MI and Perryville, KY. (Please register as the Cumberland Guard).

 10. General discussion

 I’d like to thank everyone for a solid 2015, and I am looking forward to continuing the progress we made with the hobby as we turn to 2016.

Colonel Van


The Cumberland Guard officially welcomes to our ranks
The Seventeenth Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company "E"
A hearty Hurrah to Captain Nick Miner and his "Stonewall Regiment."


August 2016 --  Jackson After Action Report

July 2016 --  Hastings/Charlton Park After Action Report

August 2015 --  Jackson After Action Report

April 2014 -- Message from Colonel Van

October 2013 -- Retirement Statement from Colonel Dave.


With thanks to First Sergeant Siler of the 19th Indiana, the following forms are now available:

Guard Mount

Morning Report


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